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  1. Who can register on Vesyl?
    Anyone, either being a business related person or an individual. Can use Vesyl to get their products listed.
  2. Why should I use Vesyl?
    As a customer, you know that you look at e-commerce portals before you buy anything. Like you, there are around 75% of your customers looking for products online. Vesyl is the perfect place where you can search the local stores and products online.
  3. How I can create an account?
    You can register on Vesyl by providing all the basic information required. We ask you for a valid contact number, address and email id. Once you register, you can set an avatar, change password and change the information.
  4. Can I list my products on all the categories?
    You can select the appropriate categories for a product. But before it goes live, there is a prior review of the products. The admin may disapprove any inappropriate product category.
  5. What type of products can’t be listed?
    This is one of the things that the sellers must be knowing about. As we here do not deal with any kind of illegal products like drugs, enhancement medications and so on. So, you must not bring any such product to list here on Vesyl.
  6. How I can manage my account?
    Once you sign up, you can have your dashboard on Vesyl. The dashboard comes with an easy navigation. You can have a quick glance of your products on Vesyl so far. And there is a menu where you can find numerous options to manage your account.
  7. How is Vesyl helpful for its end users?
    Since it is an online local store, it helps you save a lot of time, energy, and money that you as businessmen might have spent on creating your own catalogues. Using it you get all the things in hand and saves a lot of your time.
  8. How to get world class product catalogues created?
    Being a businessman, it becomes your responsibility to get your products showcased in such a way that it may help you to gain more customers. And if you have a good world class product catalogues, this could be the best thing that would help you so far. And thus, Vesyl is one of the best and the most sophisticated catalog that is available online. As here they will create your professional, world class image for developing your business over the internet. This will be one of the best ways to help one reach new levels of success with Vesyl.
  9. Why is multiple language functionalities important for your catalogue?
    When you make your catalogue available in multiple languages. It does help people of the different community to show interest in your catalogue and will be helpful for your business to grow in every prospect.
  10. Why is Vesyl running on an Open Source Platform?
    We have found that, in an industry where clients are charged with precipitation amounts, open-source is something that has become a boon for its end users. Using an open source platform they can easily enjoy the services of a quality product at a cheaper rate. Also, there are several other factors apart from costs that made us run Vesyl as an open source platform.
  11. Security
    Security is known to be the key priority for any software industry. Open source project is known for maintaining an active community for developers who always try to make their product better for every now and then. We have seen that the more open the source code is, there is a possibility of testing it in every possible aspect to identify all the hazard that may occur in the security of the product. So, we have a more safe and secure project available for you.

    Quality is the another important factor for which community always strives to get the enhanced quality of the product. The developers work frequently to test and deploy new features more frequently. And thus, the end user is able to get the performance updates occasionally.

    This is a fact that different people have different needs. Providing an open-source platform, helps them to take the source code and get it modified as per their need. And thus, it does help the end user in person.

    Free Trials
    Being an end user, it is always necessary to take a try of the product before you make a purchase. If you found it to be sufficient and fulfill your requirements, then you can go ahead with it. But if the product is not up to your requirement then there is nothing like paying for the trial. With an open-source, you do have any such issues and you can try the tool all for free before purchasing it.

    We can proudly say that these are some of the reasons for which we have created Vesyl to be an Open-Source product that has a more value for its end users.

  12. What are the things Vesyl provides to its end users?
    When you are going to make a purchase for any new product, it is important for you to look for the benefits as well that you may be getting from it. We at Vesyl work better and provide some better things for the end users. Here are some of the benefits that we offer at Vesyl –

    Lifetime Updates
    Being an open-source social e-commerce portal. We are here maintaining an active developer community that continuously works for this portal. As security and experience are our first priority and so we are here to provide you with the software updates every now and then for the lifetime.

    24X7 Support
    We better understand the challenges that one faces while running a website. And thus, we have extended our customer service to each corner of the world. And one can reach us at any time of the day through using Skype or Phone call. Also, we are active on Social Media. So, you can also get in touch with us via our social pages.

    Customization Services
    Even though our script is dynamic, one may not find enough time to get it customized it as per your requirements. And this is one of the reason, why we are here to offer you with the customization services too. As here in Vesyl, we understand your requirement clearly and carve the perfect design for you.

  13. What things can be done on Vesyl?
    Vesyl, being an open source portal allows its end users to add their own catalogue menu. They can easily create their static pages like – “About Us”, “Infrastructure”, and so on. Also, they can get a direct link created to their important product categories.
  14. What Vesyl does for its end users?
    Being an end user, you may have some inquiries related to the products that you may be interested in. Vesyl allows its end users to send their inquiries and get it cleared with us. This will help the end user to get connected and get a user-friendly environment for them.
  15. How one can get able to view private products on Vesyl?
    Well, Vesyl understands its customer well and provides you with the new member registration page. Where a new member can get themselves registered in the catalogue and get able to view all the private products. And to maintain the security, your registration may go to moderation and once it gets approved, you will be able to log in and view all the private products available on the catalogue.
  16. How can businessmen get their product to be showcased online?
    Being a businessman, it is really required for you to get your products get showcased. And this can be done easily through using Vesyl. As this is one of the best and the most trusted online local store that allows its users to get all their products to be showcased instantly with a world class catalogue that will definitely attract more customers to get your business profit.